feast.infra.utils.postgres package


feast.infra.utils.postgres.connection_utils module

feast.infra.utils.postgres.connection_utils.df_to_postgres_table(config: PostgreSQLConfig, df: DataFrame, table_name: str) Dict[str, dtype][source]

Create a table for the data frame, insert all the values, and return the table schema

feast.infra.utils.postgres.connection_utils.get_query_schema(config: PostgreSQLConfig, sql_query: str) Dict[str, dtype][source]

We’ll use the statement when we perform the query rather than copying data to a new table

feast.infra.utils.postgres.postgres_config module

class feast.infra.utils.postgres.postgres_config.PostgreSQLConfig(*, host: StrictStr, port: int = 5432, database: StrictStr, db_schema: StrictStr = 'public', user: StrictStr, password: StrictStr, sslmode: StrictStr | None = None, sslkey_path: StrictStr | None = None, sslcert_path: StrictStr | None = None, sslrootcert_path: StrictStr | None = None)[source]

Bases: FeastConfigBaseModel

database: StrictStr
db_schema: StrictStr
host: StrictStr
password: StrictStr
port: int
sslcert_path: StrictStr | None
sslkey_path: StrictStr | None
sslmode: StrictStr | None
sslrootcert_path: StrictStr | None
user: StrictStr

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