Source code for feast.infra.materialization.contrib.bytewax.bytewax_materialization_engine

import uuid
from datetime import datetime
from typing import Callable, List, Literal, Sequence, Union

import yaml
from kubernetes import client
from kubernetes import config as k8s_config
from kubernetes import utils
from kubernetes.utils import FailToCreateError
from pydantic import StrictStr
from tqdm import tqdm

from feast import FeatureView, RepoConfig
from feast.batch_feature_view import BatchFeatureView
from feast.entity import Entity
from feast.infra.materialization.batch_materialization_engine import (
from feast.infra.offline_stores.offline_store import OfflineStore
from feast.infra.online_stores.online_store import OnlineStore
from feast.infra.registry.base_registry import BaseRegistry
from feast.repo_config import FeastConfigBaseModel
from feast.stream_feature_view import StreamFeatureView
from feast.utils import _get_column_names, get_default_yaml_file_path

from .bytewax_materialization_job import BytewaxMaterializationJob

[docs]class BytewaxMaterializationEngineConfig(FeastConfigBaseModel): """Batch Materialization Engine config for Bytewax""" type: Literal["bytewax"] = "bytewax" """ Materialization type selector""" namespace: StrictStr = "default" """ (optional) The namespace in Kubernetes to use when creating services, configuration maps and jobs. """ image: StrictStr = "bytewax/bytewax-feast:latest" """ (optional) The container image to use when running the materialization job.""" env: List[dict] = [] """ (optional) A list of environment variables to set in the created Kubernetes pods. These environment variables can be used to reference Kubernetes secrets. """ image_pull_secrets: List[dict] = [] """ (optional) The secrets to use when pulling the image to run for the materialization job """ resources: dict = {} """ (optional) The resource requests and limits for the materialization containers """ service_account_name: StrictStr = "" """ (optional) The service account name to use when running the job """ annotations: dict = {} """ (optional) Annotations to apply to the job container. Useful for linking the service account to IAM roles, operational metadata, etc """
[docs]class BytewaxMaterializationEngine(BatchMaterializationEngine): def __init__( self, *, repo_config: RepoConfig, offline_store: OfflineStore, online_store: OnlineStore, **kwargs, ): super().__init__( repo_config=repo_config, offline_store=offline_store, online_store=online_store, **kwargs, ) self.repo_config = repo_config self.offline_store = offline_store self.online_store = online_store # TODO: Configure k8s here k8s_config.load_kube_config() self.k8s_client = client.api_client.ApiClient() self.v1 = client.CoreV1Api(self.k8s_client) self.batch_v1 = client.BatchV1Api(self.k8s_client) self.batch_engine_config = repo_config.batch_engine self.namespace = self.batch_engine_config.namespace
[docs] def update( self, project: str, views_to_delete: Sequence[ Union[BatchFeatureView, StreamFeatureView, FeatureView] ], views_to_keep: Sequence[ Union[BatchFeatureView, StreamFeatureView, FeatureView] ], entities_to_delete: Sequence[Entity], entities_to_keep: Sequence[Entity], ): """This method ensures that any necessary infrastructure or resources needed by the engine are set up ahead of materialization.""" pass
[docs] def teardown_infra( self, project: str, fvs: Sequence[Union[BatchFeatureView, StreamFeatureView, FeatureView]], entities: Sequence[Entity], ): """This method ensures that any infrastructure or resources set up by ``update()``are torn down.""" pass
[docs] def materialize( self, registry: BaseRegistry, tasks: List[MaterializationTask], ) -> List[MaterializationJob]: return [ self._materialize_one( registry, task.feature_view, task.start_time, task.end_time, task.project, task.tqdm_builder, ) for task in tasks ]
def _materialize_one( self, registry: BaseRegistry, feature_view: Union[BatchFeatureView, StreamFeatureView, FeatureView], start_date: datetime, end_date: datetime, project: str, tqdm_builder: Callable[[int], tqdm], ): entities = [] for entity_name in feature_view.entities: entities.append(registry.get_entity(entity_name, project)) ( join_key_columns, feature_name_columns, timestamp_field, created_timestamp_column, ) = _get_column_names(feature_view, entities) offline_job = self.offline_store.pull_latest_from_table_or_query( config=self.repo_config, data_source=feature_view.batch_source, join_key_columns=join_key_columns, feature_name_columns=feature_name_columns, timestamp_field=timestamp_field, created_timestamp_column=created_timestamp_column, start_date=start_date, end_date=end_date, ) paths = offline_job.to_remote_storage() job_id = str(uuid.uuid4()) return self._create_kubernetes_job(job_id, paths, feature_view) def _create_kubernetes_job(self, job_id, paths, feature_view): try: # Create a k8s configmap with information needed by bytewax self._create_configuration_map(job_id, paths, feature_view, self.namespace) # Create the k8s job definition self._create_job_definition( job_id, self.namespace, len(paths), # Create a pod for each parquet file self.batch_engine_config.env, ) except FailToCreateError as failures: return BytewaxMaterializationJob(job_id, self.namespace, error=failures) return BytewaxMaterializationJob(job_id, self.namespace) def _create_configuration_map(self, job_id, paths, feature_view, namespace): """Create a Kubernetes configmap for this job""" repo_path = self.repo_config.repo_path assert repo_path feature_store_path = get_default_yaml_file_path(repo_path) feature_store_configuration = feature_store_path.read_text() materialization_config = yaml.dump( {"paths": paths, "feature_view":} ) configmap_manifest = { "kind": "ConfigMap", "apiVersion": "v1", "metadata": { "name": f"feast-{job_id}", }, "data": { "feature_store.yaml": feature_store_configuration, "bytewax_materialization_config.yaml": materialization_config, }, } self.v1.create_namespaced_config_map( namespace=namespace, body=configmap_manifest, ) def _create_job_definition(self, job_id, namespace, pods, env): """Create a kubernetes job definition.""" job_env = [ {"name": "RUST_BACKTRACE", "value": "full"}, { "name": "BYTEWAX_PYTHON_FILE_PATH", "value": "/bytewax/", }, {"name": "BYTEWAX_WORKDIR", "value": "/bytewax"}, { "name": "BYTEWAX_WORKERS_PER_PROCESS", "value": "1", }, { "name": "BYTEWAX_POD_NAME", "valueFrom": { "fieldRef": { "apiVersion": "v1", "fieldPath": "metadata.annotations['']", } }, }, { "name": "BYTEWAX_REPLICAS", "value": f"{pods}", }, { "name": "BYTEWAX_KEEP_CONTAINER_ALIVE", "value": "false", }, { "name": "BYTEWAX_STATEFULSET_NAME", "value": f"dataflow-{job_id}", }, ] # Add any Feast configured environment variables job_env.extend(env) job_definition = { "apiVersion": "batch/v1", "kind": "Job", "metadata": { "name": f"dataflow-{job_id}", "namespace": namespace, }, "spec": { "ttlSecondsAfterFinished": 3600, "completions": pods, "parallelism": pods, "completionMode": "Indexed", "template": { "metadata": { "annotations": self.batch_engine_config.annotations, }, "spec": { "restartPolicy": "Never", "subdomain": f"dataflow-{job_id}", "imagePullSecrets": self.batch_engine_config.image_pull_secrets, "serviceAccountName": self.batch_engine_config.service_account_name, "initContainers": [ { "env": [ { "name": "BYTEWAX_REPLICAS", "value": f"{pods}", } ], "image": "busybox", "imagePullPolicy": "Always", "name": "init-hostfile", "resources": {}, "securityContext": { "allowPrivilegeEscalation": False, "capabilities": { "add": ["NET_BIND_SERVICE"], "drop": ["ALL"], }, "readOnlyRootFilesystem": True, }, "terminationMessagePath": "/dev/termination-log", "terminationMessagePolicy": "File", "volumeMounts": [ {"mountPath": "/etc/bytewax", "name": "hostfile"}, { "mountPath": "/tmp/bytewax/", "name": "python-files", }, { "mountPath": "/var/feast/", "name": f"feast-{job_id}", }, ], } ], "containers": [ { "command": ["sh", "-c", "sh ./"], "env": job_env, "image": self.batch_engine_config.image, "imagePullPolicy": "Always", "name": "process", "ports": [ { "containerPort": 9999, "name": "process", "protocol": "TCP", } ], "resources": self.batch_engine_config.resources, "securityContext": { "allowPrivilegeEscalation": False, "capabilities": { "add": ["NET_BIND_SERVICE"], "drop": ["ALL"], }, "readOnlyRootFilesystem": False, }, "terminationMessagePath": "/dev/termination-log", "terminationMessagePolicy": "File", "volumeMounts": [ {"mountPath": "/etc/bytewax", "name": "hostfile"}, { "mountPath": "/var/feast/", "name": f"feast-{job_id}", }, ], } ], "volumes": [ {"emptyDir": {}, "name": "hostfile"}, { "configMap": { "defaultMode": 420, "name": f"feast-{job_id}", }, "name": "python-files", }, { "configMap": {"name": f"feast-{job_id}"}, "name": f"feast-{job_id}", }, ], }, }, }, } utils.create_from_dict(self.k8s_client, job_definition)