Source code for feast.importer

import importlib

from feast.errors import (

[docs]def import_class(module_name: str, class_name: str, class_type: str = None): """ Dynamically loads and returns a class from a module. Args: module_name: The name of the module. class_name: The name of the class. class_type: Optional name of a base class of the class. Raises: FeastInvalidBaseClass: If the class name does not end with the specified suffix. FeastModuleImportError: If the module cannot be imported. FeastClassImportError: If the class cannot be imported. """ # Try importing the module. try: module = importlib.import_module(module_name) except Exception as e: # The original exception can be anything - either module not found, # or any other kind of error happening during the module import time. # So we should include the original error as well in the stack trace. raise FeastModuleImportError(module_name, class_name) from e # Try getting the class. try: _class = getattr(module, class_name) except AttributeError: # This can only be one type of error, when class_name attribute does not exist in the module # So we don't have to include the original exception here raise FeastClassImportError(module_name, class_name) from None # Check if the class is a subclass of the base class. if class_type and not any( base_class.__name__ == class_type for base_class in _class.mro() ): raise FeastInvalidBaseClass(class_name, class_type) return _class