Source code for feast.loaders.yaml

import yaml

[docs]def yaml_loader(yml, load_single=False): """ Loads one or more Feast resources from a YAML path or string. Multiple resources can be divided by three hyphens '---' Args: yml: A path ending in .yaml or .yml, or a YAML string load_single: Expect only a single YAML resource, fail otherwise Returns: Either a single YAML dictionary or a list of YAML dictionaries """ yml_content = _get_yaml_contents(yml) yaml_strings = yml_content.strip("---").split("---") # Return a single resource dict if load_single: if len(yaml_strings) > 1: raise Exception( f"More than one YAML file is being loaded when only a single file is supported: ${yaml_strings}" ) return _yaml_to_dict(yaml_strings[0]) # Return a list of resource dicts resources = [] for yaml_string in yaml_strings: resources.append(_yaml_to_dict(yaml_string)) return resources
def _get_yaml_contents(yml: str) -> str: """ Returns the YAML contents from an object. If a path ending with .yaml or .yml is passed, it will be read for its contents. If a string containing YAML is passed, that will be returned. Args: yml: Path of YAML file or string containing YAML Returns: String object containing YAML """ if ( isinstance(yml, str) and yml.count("\n") == 0 and (".yaml" in yml.lower() or ".yml" in yml.lower()) ): with open(yml, "r") as f: yml_content = elif isinstance(yml, str): yml_content = yml else: raise Exception( f"Invalid YAML provided. Please provide either a file path or YAML string.\n" f"Provided YAML: {yml}" ) return yml_content def _yaml_to_dict(yaml_string): """ Converts a yaml string to dictionary Args: yaml_string: String containing YAML Returns: Dictionary containing the same object """ return yaml.safe_load(yaml_string)